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5 Reasons to NOT Rely on an IPod for Entertainment

Aug 14, 2017

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Hi lovelies!

One of the questions we see asked a lot by couples is whether or not a DJ or live band is “worth it”.  With digital music at our fingertips these days, we totally get it – loading up your iPod with your fave songs and hitting the shuffle button seems like way less work, and let’s be honest – way less money.

But we 100% advise against it.  Yep – we’re taking a strong stance here at Smitten & Co.! As experienced planners, we’ve had the honor of being part of 100’s of weddings, and observing 100’s of receptions, so we’ve done our research.  And I’m happy to report that without fail, nothing gets a party going like a DJ or band.

And this is important – because the “party” part of your wedding is typically a high priority.  You want to show their guests a good time, and CELEBRATE!

I reached out to Jason Cathcart from Dance Shout Productions to get his take on why relying on an iPod for your reception is not the best idea.  Jason is the Western Canadian VP of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association, and has been in the entertainment biz for 22 years… so let’s just say he has seen it all!

Here are the 5 reasons to NOT rely on an iPod for entertainment:

  1. It’s really hard to anticipate the mood of your party ahead of time.  Your playlist can’t read the crowd!  What if the party is just starting to get amped up just when a mellow tune comes on your playlist? DJ’s and bands know how to gauge the energy level in the room and respond accordingly.
  2. Someone needs to be in control.  That means that you’re going to have to designate someone to operate and monitor the iPod all night, or it could be hijacked by a guest (we’ve all had that happen at parties, am I right?). Additionally, typically there are announcements to be made and specific song requests for specific events (i.e. bouquet toss) – so you’ll essentially be asking one of your friends to work all night.  Where’s the fun in that?
  3. You’ll need more than an iPod.  You’ll need speakers.  So you’ll need to rent those, pick them up, set them up, test them, pack the up at the end of the night, and return them.  Not fun – and don’t forget, you’re liable for that equipment while it’s at your wedding too.
  4. Technology can be finicky.  Apps crash, batteries die… we’ve all been there.  When you work with a professional, can you rest easy knowing that they’ve got it handled – including back-up equipment.
  5.  An iPod has no (live) energy.  One of the best qualities of a good entertainer is the ability to bring energy into the room and really get your guests in the mood to party.

If the party part of your wedding is important to you, then we strongly recommend choosing a live human being to do your entertainment.  A professional will take the time to get to know you, and bring all of their experience and expertise to the table.  It makes a HUGE difference to the guest experience!

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